Get your tickets for Alaska Summer Showcase 3/28/20!

Visit with Alaska’s best travel companies to jump-start your summer!

Choose from three types of tickets:

Super-Saver. Get your ticket in advance and save. It’s $7 (kids are free).

Late Boarding: Get your tickets at the door for $11 per adult.

First Class: We’ve got a separate entrance line (no waiting). We pre-fill all your paperwork (no writer’s cramp) and you’ll receive a special gift! $17 per adult.

How it works: When you come to the Alaska Native Heritage Center, you check in and get an envelope with a bunch of entry blanks. Fill out the entry blanks (legibly) with your name and email. Then, visit Alaska’s best travel companies at the show. Each of the companies is offering a prize. You can “choose your own adventure” by entering the adventures you would like to go on! Do you want to go to Russia? Put your name in the hat. Or, if you’d rather double-down on the Alaska Airlines tickets–put in a couple (or more).

Hint: if I can’t read your name or email, you won’t win the prize. Although you must be there to enter, you don’t have to be present to win (unless the prize is too big to mail–like a big gift basket or an apple pie).

CLICK HERE or below on the “BUY TICKETS“.

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