G-r-e-a-t speakers at Alaska Summer Showcase


Hey–I know you’re coming on Mar. 29 to the Alaska Native Heritage Center to jumpstart your summer. And get some good food at our Food Truck Rodeo. But we also have some g-r-e-a-t speakers. Witnesseth:

Pam-Mandel-200x2001. Pam Mandel. Pam is a good friend, a “real” writer and plays in an awesome ukelele band called “The Castaways”. She’s a great storyteller. I asked her to make the trek north to Anchorage to share with us…”Why does travel matter?” Further–why does it matter to tell stories about travel? I encourage you to follow her work at nerdseyeview.com . You’ll get an idea of Pam’s curious nature: new places, new people, new ideas. Whether it’s Antarctica, Austria or Amsterdam…there’s lots going on here. I cannot wait to sit in on her chat. I invite you to do the same.

2. Rob Stapleton. Take a look at Rob’s photo blog: Alaskafoto.com. This guy gets around–whether it’s c47b3f4d8403c113533101e10cfbad63on the ground or in the air. I’ve always tried to follow Rob’s rule of photography: “every picture needs to tell a story”. Ask him about mushing to the top of Denali with Joe Redington, Susan Butcher and her dogs. Or about documenting the Iditarod for more than 20 years. Or about flying an ultralight over the top of Denali. I’ve asked Rob to share his insight on how you and I can use modern technology (your PHONE) to take incredible images. Hint: no telephoto required!

3. Erin Kirkland. Full disclosure: I am a little bit prejudiced when it comes to Erin. After all, she’s my co-host on the “Alaska Travelgram Radio Show”. I refer to Erin as “Alaska’s family travel expert”. And erin-kirkland-family-calendarthat’s the truth. Follow her posts at “AKontheGO.com“. She has plenty of tips and tricks–with a mother’s touch. Plan, prepare, enjoy. Add wine. HAHA. Really, though, Erin offers a thoughtful view on why and how to haul the whole family on your next adventure. BONUS: Erin’s new book is OUT! She’ll have some copies at the show. Buy one…she’ll sign it for you!

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